Hätzlich Willkumme in Kölle!

Welcome to Cologne


The entire apartment is equipped with a Smarthome system.

With the switch at the top of the stairs, the light can be switched on and off centrally when entering or leaving the flat. In some areas, motion sensors control the lighting. The light in the stairwell goes out automatically.

When a window is open, the heating switches off automatically.

The system not only provides living comfort, but also helps us to operate the apartment in an energy-saving way. Thank you for your support.

Central tablet control for light and air conditioning

The tablet in the kitchen can be used to control lighting and air conditioning throughout the apartment. Click through the settings, you will quickly find your way around.

The 5 touch points

You will find the switches of the Smarthome control at various places in the apartment. A light touch is enough. In addition to the touch area in the middle, the corners of the switch also switch. Just pay attention to the labelling.

Waste disposal

The rubbish bins are located on Rochusstraße. You leave the flat to the right, go up the stairs to the left. In front of the building you will find the partially enclosed rubbish bins. Please make sure that you separate your rubbish correctly.
blue: paper
yellow: plastic
grey: residual waste


Name: Apartelliment bianco-nero
Password: ert.vda_vqd!JER9cpg

Access to the flat

Access to the flat is by means of a keyless entry code. One code opens the front door, the other code opens the flat door.
You have received both codes by e-mail. The codes are valid during your stay and change afterwards.

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Bars & Restaurants

For a quick snack, the CREPE OASE is in the immediate vicinity. We recommend the Köfte dishes or the various savoury and sweet crepes.

A huge selection of specialities can be found 1.5km away in the Italian supermarket and bistro ANDRONACO Grande Mercato.

For a healthy break, we recommend SALATKIND (2.5km).

In MOTORWORLD Cologne (1km) you can follow in Schumi’s footsteps and find a gastronomic offer:


Further information: moto-foodgarage.com

AHOI – the restaurant of TV chef Steffen Henssler (upmarket snack)

Further information: ahoisteffenhenssler.de

ABACCO’S (Steakhouse)

Further information: abaccos-steakhouse.de

Our personal recommendation for a special culinary experience above the rooftops of Cologne is the NENI Köln in the 25hours Hotel The Circle with the MONKEY BAR (tram stop: “Friesenplatz”, line 5).

Further information: 25hours-hotels.com

Tourist attractions

The apartment is surrounded by parks and allotment gardens. Basically, it is possible to reach the city centre with an extended walk through Cologne’s green spaces. To do this, use the access to Bürgerpark Nord on Butzweilerstraße.

The MOTORWOLRD Köln (1km) not only offers a gastronomic variety. In the exhibition, you can follow in Schmu’s footsteps and discover elaborately prepared classic cars and luxurious sports cars. How about one or more rounds of go-karting at LE MANS KARTING (1.5km)?

You can work out in the trampoline world JUMPHOUSE (1km) or the OSSENDORFBAD (1.5km) with swimming pool, sauna and fitness.

Take a look behind the scenes of the TV world at the MMC Studios (1.5km). This is where the big German TV formats and also international blockbusters are produced every day. Book a studio tour or experience a live TV production as a studio spectator.


As a large city, the entire range of means of transport is available to you in Cologne.

The “Rektor-Klein-Straße” tram stop on line 5 is in the immediate vicinity. You can use it to get to the city centre and the main station/Dom without changing trains. Tickets can be purchased using the KVB app or at the ticket machines on the tram.

TAXES are available in Cologne by calling taxi number 0221 2882 or using the FreeNow app. UBER are also on the road in Cologne.

Active CarSharing providers in Cologne include SHARE NOW and MILES.

Rental bikes and e-scooters are provided by various providers in the city area. Please note that for some vehicles there is a restricted zone in front of the flat.

Shops for daily needs

The nearest supermarket is about 1km away. The LIDL market (Rochusstr. 227) is open Monday-Saturday from 7am-2pm.

Margareta Apotheke (pharmacy) is about 500m away at Margaretastraße 8.

The nearest 24h petrol station SHELL is located here: Hugo-Eckener-Straße 27A.

Use of sauna

Use of the Zen infrared sauna:

  • Always use a towel when using the sauna.
  • Do not use liquid or aerosol cleaners.
  • Unplug the sauna from the mains before cleaning.
  • Use pure water and a soft cloth for cleaning.
  • Do not use benzene, alcohol or strong cleaning chemicals on the sauna.

Temperature display

Press the on/off button on the control panel to switch on the sauna. The temperature display shows the current temperature.
The time display shows the set time of the last sauna session.
When the current temperature is lower than the temperature you have selected, the heating function starts to work.
Press the on/off button again to switch off the sauna. The heating is switched off.
After finishing the sauna session – always switch off the sauna.


Temperature control

Press the temperature buttons “+” and “-” to set the temperature.
The setting range is 30 degrees to 65 degrees.
When the “Heat” indicator light is on, the temperature increases by one degree each time you press the “+” button.
If you press and hold the button for three seconds, the temperature increases rapidly. Each time the “-” button is pressed, the temperature drops by one degree.
If the button is pressed for one second, the set temperature drops quickly.
After the sauna has reached the desired temperature, the heating display switches off.
Set the temperature and time to a comfortable level, normally 60 minutes at 50 – 65 degrees.
If the ambient temperature is lower than 18.3 degrees; please set a temperature of 50 degrees; if the ambient temperature is higher than 18.3 degrees, please set a temperature of 65 degrees.


Timer function

Timer control – press “+” and “-” to set the time.
The setting range is 1-60 minutes.
Each time the “+” button is pressed, the time is increased by one minute.
If the key is pressed for three seconds, the time setting increases quickly.
Each time the “-” button is pressed, the time is reduced by one minute.
If the key is pressed for three seconds, the time setting decreases quickly.

When the display shows “0”, a signal tone sounds and the sauna switches off automatically.
To extend the sauna session, set the timer again.
When the working time has reached the set time, the indicator lamp goes out and the heater stops heating.
At this time, the sauna emits two beeps to indicate that the sauna session is finished.